Unmanned Aerial Systems in Independent Film: Drone Theory and Practice

A foundational course that provides students with the necessary knowledge to safely and legally operate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or "drone") while successfully capturing aerial footage.

UAV operations are multifaceted and integrate a variety of logistical elements. As such, it is essential to coverĀ multiple coreĀ areas: aeronautical theory, multi-rotor piloting, airspace governance (current FAA regulations, aircraft registration, operator certification, flight waivers/authorizations, insurance), environmental factors, equipment selection and maintenance, as well as discipline-related modules comprising technical aspects of cinematography (shot design, camera movement, lighting, practical problems), storytelling principles, post production and delivery.

The course will provide students with the theoretical knowledge to think critically in a rapidly developing technical field and function as camera operators or developmental team members part of an aerial shoot. In addition, students will be prepared to take the FAA Part 107 commercial certification exam upon class completion.